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What Are Your Options for the Online Casinos Now

What Are Your Options for the Online Casinos Now

A lot of casino players tend to think that Casino War is a simple game that does not require elaborate strategies liga558. Nonetheless, during our many experiences at the Casino War tables, we managed to gather some relevant and extremely simple tips to put into practice. Before starting any game of casino games, you should arm yourself with good advice to carry out all of your games, in order to win a maximum of possible winnings. We suggest you continue reading this article, in which you can find all the tips to consider leading you to more and more victories.

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  • Concentrate on the dealer


You already know, during a game of Casino War you will not have to face other players, but only the dealer slot game. Some players prefer the challenge of meeting other players, while others favor the face to face with the dealers. You will find yourself in a double-edged situation. You will probably be divided between trust and mistrust. Indeed, the intimacy of a game that includes only the dealer and the player can inspire a feeling of confidence in the player, or instead raise the tension. We advise you to direct all your attention to the dealer and his distribution of cards, since he will be your only opponent. However, keep in mind that the dealer is a professional and therefore it will be difficult for you to see clearly in his game. The online casino reviews are essential there.


  • Keep in mind the advantage of the house


While many traditional table games have more interesting stakes and a lower house edge, at Casino War the house advantage changes depending on the game situations in which you find yourself. We can assure you that the house advantage can be very useful when making decisions throughout your games. We would like to remind you that the house advantage is 2% on your regular bets, and 18% in case of equality during your games. 

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  • Beware shouting “Battle”


As you already know, Casino War is a variation of the famous Battle game. Although many players lend the virtues to a bold game, we advise you to be careful when you go to the confrontation with the dealer, because after the distribution of 3 cards and the fateful card, you will have a chance on 2 of win the bet, or lose both bets.


  • Try your luck on equality


Depending on the course of your game, you will have to decide how many risks you want to take. Indeed, some players opt for the strategy of always going to war in case of equality. We welcome this audacity, and we advise you to do the same, since you have a chance on 2 to recover your initial bet, rather than give up the game without even trying your luck! Many players threw their hands in the center of the table, thinking they had won, while another player still had his cards in hand.


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